Your Prosthodontic Possibilities

Lines Maple Grove MNLosing a tooth is an uncomfortable concept for most people. Losing a vital functioning piece of your body is a form of trauma, both physical and emotional. But it is important to remember that sometimes, extractions are necessary to maintain a healthy mouth.

Most likely, you hadn’t been able to properly use that area of your mouth for some time. And there may have been considerable pain, depending on the reason for your oral surgery. And there may be a suitable solution for you in no time at all!

There are a few different methods that are commonly used to replace missing dental structures. Today, your Maple Grove, MN dentist explains how some of them might be a great fit for your smile. And remember, one of the strongest tools you have in maintaining a healthy mouth through your life is open communication with a trusted dental health professional. It can make all the difference! (more…)

Early Treatment For Receding Gums

Coffee Maple Grove MNThere are multiple reasons as to why your gum tissue will begin to pull back from its proper connection to your tooth. This can include improper brushing techniques, or as a result of infection and inflammation of this material. This is a very common condition, with a little under half of all adults over the age of thirty in the United States reporting some level of this.

But our gums provide a valuable barrier between the outside world and our circulatory system. When they pull back, they can expose the roots of your teeth, leaving these structures susceptible to infection themselves. So if you have noticed a change in the location of your gumline, now is the time to act. Today, your Maple Grove, MN dentist writes about some ways to stave off further development of peridontal disease. And if surgery is the best solution for you, why this decision is simple, yet can save you hours in future headaches! (more…)

Safe, Effective Whitening Is Simple

Whitening Maple Grove MN

Many people have concerns with the quality of their smile’s coloration. With our constant use of our teeth, it is understandable that they may develop stains or marks. After all, we only get one adult set, and as soon as they emerge, they start taking damage. Unfortunately, we are also still very young when these important structures arrive. We lack the foresight we attain through more years of age.

So it is very common to want to spruce up your smile through teeth whitening. We keep your oral health at the front of our concerns, so our procedures focus on avoiding dentin sensitivity while safely lifting unwanted coloration from your enamel. This may be a perfect fit for someone looking for a quick refresh before any event where there might be photographs. Today, your Maple Grove, MN dentist explains how safely removing years of stains can make your smile absolutely glisten! (more…)

Protecting Your Child’s Teeth

Baby Maple Grove MNYoung parents are often overworked and underrested. There are so many different concerns through pregnancy, and it only increases whenever the baby arrives. These parents may believe that their child’s oral health is something they can be a little relaxed a bit about.

After all, how can there be problems with teeth even before their adult set begins to grow? What about before they have grown even a single one? The development of these young smiles actually have a lot to do with how successfully they will grow into the future! Today, your Maple Grove, MN dentist explains how to avoid baby bottle tooth decay, and why that is important for the rest of their lives. (more…)

Bridge, Partial, Implant: Your Options

Smile MG MNIf you have lost a tooth or group of them together, you may very well be a little overwhelmed at your options. That is understandable, and this is a big decision. A surgical option needs to be well thought-out, and maintaining communication with your dental office can always help you gather more information. Every smile is unique, and your dental profession should care for each situation independently in order to give the best care.

Today, your Maple Grove, MN dentist introduces you to some ways to approach your situation. Also, some benefits and drawbacks of each method, so you can weigh your options! (more…)

Special Care For Diabetic Smiles

Smile Maple Grove MNMany Americans have either type I or type II diabetes, and that number is continuing to increase. So it is important to keep knowledge of the possible damage, even if you are healthy. Everyone knows someone with the condition, from a loved one to a coworker. And since elevated glucose can damage systems involving the blood, it has a very far-reaching effect on your health.

Your oral health is an area where this disease can be particularly harmful, if not managed appropriately. Keeping your blood sugars at their proper levels, and maintaining a varied diet can do wonders in your ability to keep your smile healthy and strong. Today, your Maple Grove, MN dentist explains the ways that diabetes can hurt your oral health. And some ways that you can ensure that you have the best chance for a bright future! (more…)

Taking Care Of Aging Teeth

Peppers Maple Grove MNAs we get older, we understandably begin to worry about the health of our teeth. That is a natural feeling, as we only have one set of adult teeth. And our smile is constantly at risk, from slips and falls or other accidents to bacteria and tooth decay.

And our bones begin to lose density as we age, which can affect how your teeth sit within your jaw. This is known as osteoporosis, and affects almost half of women over the age of 50. Men are also susceptible to the loss of biological matter, with about a quarter of the older male population affected.

Today, your Maple Grove, MN dentist explains the importance of maintaining your oral health once you have reached the age of 50. And some simple tips on how to avoid damage wherever possible! (more…)

Third Molar Damage Can Be Sneaky

Teens Maple Grove MNOur third set of molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth, most often come in during your late adolescence or early adulthood. These can cause numerous difficulties in your oral health, as well as significantly impact the way your smile appears. Using x-ray imagery, we can track the development of these structures and address them before they cause irreparable damage.

Today, your Maple Grove, MN dentist explains how monitoring this development can save you both time and money. Not only that, but we can eliminate future pain and struggle! (more…)

What Are The Warning Signs Of Bruxism?

The more time you spend not dealing with bruxism, the more likely you are to experience permanent harm that affects your smile. Nightly friction from teeth grinding and clenching can lead to wear and tear, which can worsen even more and leave you with alarming chips and cracks in your enamel! At our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office, we can provide important protection against nightly issues with bruxism. When your smile is protected against this issue, you are safe against enamel damage. You also enjoy protection that can reduce problems with jaw pain and stiffness that accompany a nighttime grinding habit. (more…)

Be Aware Of What A Cavity Can Do To Your Tooth

The harm a cavity can do to your smile and oral health is considerable. The more time decay is given to grow and do harm, the more likely you are to experience complications, including trouble with the development of an infection within the tooth structure. Our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office is prepared to support you when you need to do something about dental decay. Treatment for this issue will depend on what kind of condition your tooth is in. For those whose problems are caught in time, we are able to provide protection in the form of custom dental fillings. For those who need more help, it may be appropriate for us to move forward by providing both a root canal and a dental crown. (more…)