Month: November 2020

Stop Putting Off Plans To Restore Your Incomplete Smile

When you put off restorative dental work to replace missing teeth, you leave yourself vulnerable to more than just problems with your appearance. Just one lost tooth is all it can take to experience trouble with your bite, an issue that can worsen over time as you put stress on your jaw joints and muscles…. Read more »

Will Holiday Fun Lead To Cavities For Your Kids?

While holiday festivities vary from family to family and year to year, seasonal treats tend to be a fixture at even the most casual of gatherings. Between the richer foods you can enjoy during a meal and the array of desserts you can consume after, your teeth can be more vulnerable to dental decay than… Read more »

What Should I Do About This Persistent Toothache?

Is a persistent problem with tooth pain or sensitivity starting to upset you? If so, make sure your dentist knows what is happening and has a chance to evaluate you! The discomfort you feel could be due to an infection that has formed and begun causing problems within your tooth. This is not something that… Read more »

Will You Be Able To Secure Dental Treatment On Short Notice?

Patients are advised to spend six months between every dental exam. If you feel like something may be wrong with your oral health between these appointments, you can certainly reach out to arrange an appointment before that six month period passes. What you should also know is that when a problem seems urgent, you can… Read more »