Month: December 2019

How Do Your Children Handle the Dentist?

Certain dental office experiences can feel intimidating and clinical, especially for younger patients. The wrong care environment can lead patients to feel uncomfortable and nervous about attending future appointments. This can have a detrimental effect in the long-term for children. A bad experience as a child may lead them to become a reticent patient as… Read more »

Are Your Headaches Related to Your Teeth

Sometimes you wake up feeling less than your best. Any number of different things can disrupt your sleep on a given night, but if you’re dealing with chronic issues when you wake up in the morning, you could be suffering from a condition. If you find yourself waking up with a headache most mornings, it… Read more »

Is Brushing and Flossing Enough?

In general, it’s thought that brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing your teeth daily is enough to prevent any serious harm from befalling them. However, for some individuals, that may not be true. That’s because genetics play an important role in your propensity for developing cavities. Due to your genetic makeup, you may… Read more »

Essentials for Taking Care of Your Teeth at Home

The keys to preserving your teeth, giving yourself a beautiful smile, and preventing problems like gum disease all come down to the same basic principle: a consistent home care routine. If you’re being consistent about how and how often you care for your teeth at home, then you’re likely to prevent any major oral health… Read more »

This Is the Most Important Dental Procedure

What can you do to keep your teeth safe and healthy over a lifetime of use? There’s one dental procedure in particular that is crucial when it comes to meeting this goal. In fact, you could consider it the most important dental procedure of all: a dental checkup. It sounds simple, and that’s because it… Read more »