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Address Teeth Grinding for Your Health

In the realm of oral health, bruxism and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders are prevalent but often underestimated issues that can significantly impact one’s well-being and overall health. From tooth grinding to jaw pain, understanding these conditions and their importance in seeking treatment is crucial for maintaining optimal oral health. In this blog, the team at our… Read more »

Make the Effort In Your Dental Prevention

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Keeping to a positive schedule of dental treatment can feel like a struggle at times, but these visits are crucial in giving you the tools you need to keep your smile safe as you age. By coming into the office for a cleaning and examination at least twice each year, you and your dentist can… Read more »

Special Care For Diabetic Smiles

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Many Americans have either type I or type II diabetes, and that number is continuing to increase. So it is important to keep knowledge of the possible damage, even if you are healthy. Everyone knows someone with the condition, from a loved one to a coworker. And since elevated glucose can damage systems involving the… Read more »

Taking Care Of Aging Teeth

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As we get older, we understandably begin to worry about the health of our teeth. That is a natural feeling, as we only have one set of adult teeth. And our smile is constantly at risk, from slips and falls or other accidents to bacteria and tooth decay. And our bones begin to lose density… Read more »

How You Can Stay Calm During Dental Visits

Awareness regarding mental health issues continues to grow, which is great news for the people who suffer from them. Many of these conditions, like anxiety and depression, can have specific triggers. For a significant portion of the adult population, visiting the dentist’s office can be one of these triggers. Many people suffer from dental anxiety…. Read more »

What Is Periodontal Health and How Does it Affect Me?

When you read the phrase “periodontal health,” what comes to mind? If you’re not sure what this phrase refers to, you’re not alone. Periodontal health refers to the health of your gums (and your jaw). While keeping your teeth clean and healthy is vital to overall oral health, your gums are a big part of… Read more »

Don’t Forget About Your Gums

It’s unfortunate, but many people can forget about their gums when it comes to their oral health. That’s because the teeth stand out more from a cosmetic standpoint. You want to keep your teeth shiny and clean so that you feel confident in your smile. However, you gum tissue is just as important as your… Read more »

Strong Periodontal Health Is Crucial

Everyone wants to keep their teeth healthy and happy. When you take good care of your teeth at home, you prevent problems like cavities from developing. Many people also enjoy the added cosmetic benefit of caring for their teeth. If you keep your teeth clean, they’ll look better. However, your teeth aren’t the only area… Read more »

This New Year, Resolve to Brush Better

The calendar for 2017 is about to expire and give way to 2018. The new year is a time for new beginnings, and no tradition better echos this idea than that of making new year’s resolutions. Resolutions are often lofty and life-changing, however, these types of resolutions are more difficult to implement. Simple lifestyle resolutions… Read more »

About Your Love Of Hard, Crunchy Foods

Are you someone who can’t seem to get enough of hard, crunchy foods? Maybe there’s something about biting into a nut and hearing it crack apart that makes you smile. Perhaps you love the crunch factor because it just makes eating more enjoyable. Whatever it is, we are sorry to inform you that you might… Read more »