Month: August 2019

Do Your Teeth Feel Clean?

Keeping your teeth healthy is a matter of microbiology. You have to thoroughly remove the microscopic bacteria that build up on every surface of your teeth. Since you can’t see this threat, it can make it difficult to know how well you’re cleaning your teeth. You don’t want to rely on the sight of a… Read more »

A Better Experience with Dental Lasers

Laser dentistry is an amazing technology that provides many benefits to both dentists and patients. Dental lasers are precise tools that can be used in a number of capacities when treating dental patients. Whether you’re coming in for a preventive visit, you need a cavity filled, or you need to treat gum disease, a dental… Read more »

Preventive Dentistry Is an Approach

There are several different branches of dentistry that are named after their respective disciplines: “cosmetic dentistry” seeks to improve the appearance of your smile, while “restorative dentistry” restores the health and structure of your teeth after they have suffered damage. “Preventive dentistry” is yet another branch of dentistry, but more so than a style of… Read more »

Is Your Jaw Healthy Enough for Implants?

When you think about your overall oral health, it’s easy to focus on your teeth. You brush your teeth, and your teeth are prominently featured in your smile — why wouldn’t you focus on them? Caring for your teeth is important, but your overall oral health incorporates so much more than just your teeth. It… Read more »