Month: May 2016

Quiz: The Truth About Cavities

Do you assume that a cavity is just something that happens if you don’t brush and floss correctly? While it’s true that avoiding good dental hygiene can certainly lead to tooth decay, the development of decay is a bit more multi-faceted. This is why some people who seem to miss brushing quite often never develop cavities… Read more »

How To Address Your Sugar Intake

You know that the more sugar you eat throughout the day, the more often your mouth becomes an acid environment that essentially attacks your teeth. The more frequently these acid attacks occur, the greater your chance of experiencing tooth decay. Good news: You’re not the only person in the universe who has a major penchant… Read more »

Quiz: Why Floss?

You have likely grown up with the general knowledge that it is important to floss your teeth every single day. However, that doesn’t mean that you have a full understanding of what makes this part of preventive care so very important. After all, do you know how flossing as part of your dental hygiene helps… Read more »

If Your Teeth Are Sensitive, You Should…

Are you tired of dealing with sensitive teeth? Are you feeling extremely frustrated because you take care of your teeth but your smile feels anything but healthy and comfortable? Don’t stress over this one – sensitivity is a common factor that is generally quite easy to address. Whether it’s a sign that you need restorative… Read more »