Month: May 2017

A Quiz: Sleep Apnea Basics

Are you new to the diagnosis of sleep apnea? Perhaps you have just heard about this sleep disorder and have begun wondering if it might explain some of the up-until-now inexplicable things that have been going on with you lately. Whatever the case, by becoming familiar with the basics, you will see that if you’re… Read more »

Can’t Stand Flossing? Remember These 3 Things!

If you think you’re alone in your feelings about flossing, think again. We hear from many patients who tell us that they can’t stand the need to floss, which is why they simply skip it altogether. While we understand the decision to avoid something you find absolutely awful, we offer you some words of encouragement:… Read more »

Tooth Loss: 3 Things To Keep In Mind

When the topic of tooth loss comes up, do you know much about it? Are you certain about whether it’s something you can avoid, if it should concern you if it occurs, or what you can do if you are missing one or multiple teeth? If not, becoming more knowledgeable can actually help you protect… Read more »

Can I Brush Away Discoloration?

4When you take a look in the mirror one morning and you don’t think, “Wow, what a pretty smile!” but instead think, “Goodness, my smile looks awfully yellow!” you might assume you need to brush harder. You might think it’s time to brush more frequently. However, what you might not realize is that what you… Read more »