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You Have to Focus on More Than Just Your Teeth

Cleaning your teeth is an important part of protecting your oral health and preserving your smile. Cavities can wear away at enamel — damaging the structure of teeth and leaving unsightly blemishes. It’s easy to focus on brushing your teeth as part of your oral healthcare home routine. However, you can’t forget to give some… Read more »

This New Year, Resolve to Brush Better

The calendar for 2017 is about to expire and give way to 2018. The new year is a time for new beginnings, and no tradition better echos this idea than that of making new year’s resolutions. Resolutions are often lofty and life-changing, however, these types of resolutions are more difficult to implement. Simple lifestyle resolutions… Read more »

3 Essentials For Avoiding Cavity Development

The good news when it comes to cavity development? You can avoid it! While you know brushing your teeth is important, do you think you’ve got all of the details down pat as you do your best to keep teeth free of tooth decay? Or, are you secretly very excited to receive some additional essential… Read more »

Quiz: Dental Hygiene Order

When you reach for your toothbrush and paste to begin your dental hygiene session, does a nagging sensation come over you? Do you eye your dental floss and wonder if you should be starting with it or ending with it? We know that these types of questions are things you often save for your dental… Read more »

3 Tips For Safer Brushing

Yes, you know that your toothbrush should be made with soft bristles, that you shouldn’t brush too hard or it can damage your smile, and that you need to do a thorough job. However, have you ever though about where your toothbrush has been before you put it in your mouth, or whether you’re practicing… Read more »

A Deep Cleaning With Laser Dentistry

Deep cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing, is an effective way to treat gums with periodontal disease. A deep cleaning with laser dentistry allows the process to be quicker and more comfortable than a deep cleaning done by hand. Dental lasers use a concentrated beam of light to provide precision and speed to the… Read more »

Can’t Stand Flossing? Remember These 3 Things!

If you think you’re alone in your feelings about flossing, think again. We hear from many patients who tell us that they can’t stand the need to floss, which is why they simply skip it altogether. While we understand the decision to avoid something you find absolutely awful, we offer you some words of encouragement:… Read more »

Flossing Q&A: Is It Supposed To Feel Bad?

We always tell you when you visit us that you should be flossing your teeth every single day. While you may have committed this detail to memory, you may not know what to do when you experience painful flossing. Should you continue on, hoping everything is okay? Is this just a normal part of the… Read more »

Happy Holidays And A Few Reminders

Hooray! You’ve made it through the chilly weather and all of the hustle and bustle that comes with readying yourself for the excitement of the holidays. Lo and behold, they are just about to make their final arrival. For your upcoming weekend, you get a nice big “Happy Holidays!” from all of us and we… Read more »

Q&A: Biting Your Fingernails

Are you a nail biter? Do you tend to hide your hands when you’re around others because you nibble on your nails chronically? While it’s certainly something that can cause your hands to look less attractive than you would prefer, did you know it might negatively affect your health, as well? In fact, chewing on… Read more »