Tips For Good Oral Hygiene When You’re Sick

Whether it’s because of the flu, a cold, or bad allergies, most people will end up feeling sick before winter is over. And, at Elm Creek Dental, we understand how difficult it can be to remember to take care of your teeth when you’re resting and caring for your symptoms. However, it is imperative that you don’t let your oral hygiene falter in times of illness. In today’s blog, your Maple Grove, MN, dentist will give some tips for easy and achievable smile care when you may not be up for doing much.

Opt for Sugar Free

When we’re sick, the throat lozenges, cough drops, liquid medicines, juices, supplements, and sports drinks that we turn to often end up providing a delicious feast for cavity-causing bacteria on your teeth because of the high sugar content. If left unchecked, you could end your illness with problems with your dental health like tooth decay and cavities and end up needing a restorative treatment like dental fillings. So, check the products you usually use for sugar content, and opt for sugar free options whenever possible to allow you to maintain good dental health while improving your overall health.

Try to Be Patient

If you’re sick, especially with the flu, you may be experiencing unfortunate stomach-related symptoms like vomiting. Brushing your teeth immediately after this occurs can sound like a great idea, but it can actually harm your teeth. After vomiting, stomach acid is left in your mouth and on your teeth. If you brush immediately, the acid isn’t removed- it just gets spread around even more on your teeth, leaving it to erode your enamel and make you more likely to experience decay. The better option is to vigorously rinse your mouth with mouthwash, water, or a mixture of the two, before brushing your teeth about 30 minutes later. This will give you a better shot at removing both the icky feeling and the harmful acid in your mouth

Don’t Forget to Brush

We know how it feels to be so sick that you don’t want to move out of your bed, but you still need to brush your teeth and practice good dental hygiene when you’re ill. Besides, brushing your teeth and otherwise taking care of your hygiene can actually help you to feel better since it makes you feel cleaner and a bit more normal. Also, you want to be storing your toothbrush so that it can thoroughly dry, as bacteria and viruses prefer damp surfaces. You probably won’t re-infect yourself, but you definitely don’t want anyone else to have permission to use your toothbrush, and you should always replace it when it is three or more months old.

Continue Your Dental Hygiene In-Office

When you are ill, it is important to still maintain good habits when it comes to your dental health. So, if it is time for your six month checkup and cleaning, continue your good habits in our office by contacting our team at Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN, by calling 763-416-0606.