3 Things Causing Your Acid Erosion

Are you someone who is suffering from acid erosion? If you’re not sure what this is, we can break it down quite simply for you: When your teeth are exposed to acids, the enamel (outer layer of your teeth) are worn down over time. As the enamel is weakened, the strength and health of your teeth are in danger. By becoming more familiar with causes and coming in for dental care, you can protect your oral health and avoid complications.

#1: Acidic Drinks

As you might imagine, acidic drinks are by their very nature, dangerous for your teeth. You can avoid acid erosion by limiting the amount of acidic drinks you consume. When you do select them, you may wish to drink them with a straw and to rinse your mouth with water afterward to prevent acid erosion. (Note: Most drinks are acidic, including sugar and diet sodas, fruit juices, coffee, tea, and sports drinks).

#2: Sugary Foods

Let’s talk sugar. Long story short, it turns dangerous in your mouth when bacteria digest it and release acids onto your teeth. The acidic environment leads to erosion, of course. We encourage you to remain mindful of trying to decrease your sugar intake, of rinsing with water after you eat treats, and remembering to brush after you rinse (just remember to wait 30 minutes).

#3: GERD

Surprise! If you’re a patient who is dealing with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) then you know acid is a problem for you. However, even if you suffer from heartburn, you may not notice that the acids can reach ever further, making an appearance in your mouth. Over time, acid erosion can take place. Keep the problem treated to keep your smile safe.

Come In For Care To Prevent Acid Erosion Complications

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