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How We Treat TMJ Disorder?

In our last blog, we talked about how we diagnose and treat an issue like bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding. However, there is a related issue known as TMJ disorder, which can cause painful symptoms and impact your oral health. In today’s blog, your Maple Grove, MN, dentist talks about how we diagnose and treat… Read more »

Preventing Bruxism-Related Dental Damage

When you grind or clench your teeth on a nightly or near-nightly basis, this could damage your smile and cause a host of uncomfortable symptoms. But our team knows how to manage your bruxism to ease discomfort and prevent major complications. In today’s blog, your Maple Grove, MN, dentist talks about how we treat bruxism… Read more »

Schedule Your Summer Checkup

Now that summer is starting, this is a great time to schedule a visit for you and your family. A checkup and cleaning enables you to start the summer with a healthier smile, and provides time for your kids to receive treatments without missing classes. In today’s blog, your Maple Grove, MN, dentist talks about… Read more »

Checkups Prevent Big Issues

Maintaining good dental health is all about prevention. While daily brushing and flossing help, regular dental checkups are vital. These checkups provide a comprehensive overview of our dental health, which includes identifying various issues like bruxism, assessing orthodontic needs in children, and monitoring early signs of periodontal disease. In today’s blog, your helpful preventive and children’s… Read more »

How Often Do You Need A Dental Checkup?

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While most of your dental maintenance happens at home, you need to see a qualified oral health professional in order to keep your smile safe. If you are currently behind on your examinations and cleanings, take this opportunity to find your way back to a positive dental path. Most people require a dedicated semiannual dental… Read more »

Finding Your Way Back To The Dentist

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If it has been a while since you last saw the dentist, it might be helpful for you to know that you are not alone. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, over a third of us skipped their visits to the office in the year prior. Since then, some people have chosen not to return, either… Read more »

Breathe Freely During Sleep

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Sleep disorders are a common prevalence for American slumberers. Two of the five most diagnosed of these link directly to the wellness of the throat and the mouth. Bruxism is the overnight grinding of the teeth, which can lead to major issues with the enamel and alignment. Apnea is a condition in which the airway… Read more »

The Gift Of Great Oral Health

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As this year comes to a close, it is that time when we take stock of the good and the bad. The start of January allows us also to take what we have learned and make a positive change for our lives. Resolutions can be a fantastic way to improve your life with a measured… Read more »

Protect Your Smile This Winter

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This time of year, winter viruses such as the common cold and the flu start to become much more common. We are much more likely to be traveling on account of the holidays, and shopping malls can be a breeding ground for these illnesses. We have had our public knowledge of prevention expanded due to… Read more »

Taking Care Of Aging Teeth

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As we get older, we understandably begin to worry about the health of our teeth. That is a natural feeling, as we only have one set of adult teeth. And our smile is constantly at risk, from slips and falls or other accidents to bacteria and tooth decay. And our bones begin to lose density… Read more »