Month: December 2022

A New Prosthetic Tooth In The New Year

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From time to time, we may require the removal of one or more of our teeth. When your existing natural dental material becomes a liability, it can be helpful to extract that damaged or diseased part of your smile. This process can help you to remove painful situations where the tooth is failing. An extraction,… Read more »

The Gift Of Great Oral Health

NYE Maple Grove MN

As this year comes to a close, it is that time when we take stock of the good and the bad. The start of January allows us also to take what we have learned and make a positive change for our lives. Resolutions can be a fantastic way to improve your life with a measured… Read more »

A Graceful Tooth Replacement

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One of the most common dental issues is a failing tooth. Whether this has been lost to trauma or you require a surgical extraction, this can be a stressful situation without the proper guidance and care. Our Maple Grove, MN dental office is proud to focus on positive replacement solutions that can go beyond simple… Read more »

Reliable Methods For A Graceful Smile

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Improving the appearance of your smile on your own can feel a bit like a shot in the dark. While there are endless over-the-counter options available to help surface-level cosmetic issues, improper use may lead to a lack of smile balance. Without the proper guidance from a trained dental health provider, you may spend time… Read more »