Children’s Dentistry

Dental Care Designed for Children

In addition to the routine preventive care that everyone needs, children also require special attention to ensure that their teeth, jaws, and oral structures develop properly and stay in good health. That means children also need to attend routine checkup and cleaning appointments at least once every six months, usually beginning by the age of three years old. In some cases, it can also mean the need for additional preventive measures to ward off tooth decay, or minimally invasive treatment to address it.

Preventive Dental Measures

Prevention is especially important for children who still retain their primary (baby) teeth. Though they will naturally come out at some point, while they’re present, they set the stage for your child’s oral development and future oral health. To prevent issues like tooth decay from compromising that development, we may recommend additional treatments such as fluoride treatment and dental sealants. Fluoride helps strengthen your child’s tooth enamel, which is their first line of defense against decay-causing oral bacteria, plaque, and tartar. Dental sealants are thin layers of biocompatible acrylic that act as a barrier to further protect your child’s teeth.

Restoring Children’s Smiles

If tooth decay does develop in your child’s tooth, then restoring it as soon as possible will be necessary to preserve the rest of their smile. To keep treatment as conservative as possible, we may utilize a specially calibrated laser to minimize the amount of tooth structure that we have to modify. Using laser technology to remove the decayed portion of the tooth offers a higher level of precision, and as a result, a greater chance to preserve a maximum amount of healthy, natural tooth structure.

Make an appointment for your child

Introducing children to routine dental care as early as possible is the best way to prepare them to care for their smiles for life. To schedule an appointment, call Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN, at (763) 416-0606. We also proudly serve the residents of Brooklyn Park, Rogers, Elk River, Osseo, Otsego, Plymouth, Wayzata, and all surrounding communities.