Sleep Apnea: More than a Snore

If you have a snoring problem, you may not even know it — that is, unless you sleep beside someone else. Most people find out they’re chronic snorers from a significant other or roommate. Other than being disruptive, snoring can seem like a benign problem, and it may be that. However, if you have sleep apnea, there may be other issues at play. Sleep apnea and snoring are often used interchangeably, but they are not one in the same. Sleep apnea can have serious medical ramifications if left untreated, so it’s important to identify this problem. The good news? Your dentist may be able to help. (more…)

Dental Bonding Provides Multiple Benefits

When your teeth become damaged or blemished, you want to take action to correct those problems. Thanks to modern dentistry, there are plenty of ways to fix issues that come up related to decay and wear. One such technique is dental bonding. Dental bonding provides multiple benefits. The process can provide repairs to cracks and gaps in your teeth. Through the application of a tooth-colored resin material, your dentist can fix both aesthetic and functional problems.

When you experience damage to your teeth, your life can be altered in some inconvenient ways. You may lose confidence in your smile if you have missing or broken teeth. Further, damage to your teeth can cause difficulty with chewing and cleaning. Decay tends to be a snowballing problem, so dealing with it as soon as possible is for the best. (more…)

Helping Anxious Patients Receive The Dental Care They Need

Preventive dental care is important to your smile. Without effective treatment, you can face a greater risk for cavities and gum disease, and generally experience a lower degree of oral health care. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who experience dental anxiety, and struggle to attend dental checkups. Your dentist understands that dental anxiety is a real concern, and it is something our office takes seriously. If your feelings of unease have made it hard for you to sit down in the dentist’s chair, addressing the issue can help find effective solutions. Many people with anxiety are able to receive the help they need thanks to dental sedation, which can safely help you stay relaxed during your appointment. (more…)

Choosing the Right Filling for Your Tooth

Okay, so maybe you haven’t quite kept up on your brushing routine like you meant to. Maybe you don’t floss as often as you should. Of course genetics play a role as well. In any case, you’ve wound up with a cavity, and you need a fix. Acting at the first sign of trouble can help prevent further decay and pain, so it’s important to get your cavity taken care of right away. In most cases, this means you need a filling. With advances in modern dentistry, the process of getting a tooth filled has never been easier. Plus, you’ve got tons of options when it comes to the material for your filling. How do you make sure you choose the right filling for your tooth? (more…)

What a Dental Crown Can Do for Your Smile

Are you exasperated by looking in the mirror, and yet again, noticing a damaged or missing tooth? One imperfection in your mouth can throw off your entire smile. When you don’t feel confident about your smile, it’s hard to project confidence in both personal and professional settings. What can you do to combat these negative feelings? Luckily, there are a number of excellent restorative dental treatments that can help repair damaged or missing teeth. Bad dental care habits in the past don’t have to mean a bleak future. Find out what treatments like a dental crown can do for your smile. (more…)

Laser Dentistry Changes the Game

Lasers are a fixture of science fiction stories and media, making them seem like some sort of distant, future technology. However, lasers have all kinds of contemporary applications, some of which you may not expect. Take dentistry, for example. Did you know that laser dentistry is available across the country? Using lasers for dental procedures isn’t about having a fancy new toy, there are actually a number of benefits for dentists and patients alike. The precision offered by laser instruments actually makes a number of dental treatments safer and easier. You don’t have to wait for the future to experience the benefits of this incredible technology. Laser dentistry is changing the game right now. (more…)

Are You Ready for Trick-or-Treating?

Halloween is nearly here! The weather has turned chilly, decorations are up in front yards across the neighborhood, and pretty soon, costumed kiddies will be running rampant on the hunt for candy. There’s plenty to prepare for when it comes to Halloween, and trick-or-treating is a big part of the experience. Are you ready for trick-or-treating? The checklist is longer than expected. You may have candy for your impending guests, and you may have a neighborhood route worked out for your little one, but are you ready for everything that comes after trick-or-treating? Once your children bring home their spoils, all that candy will have to go somewhere. If your kids end up eating an excess of sugary snacks, you’ll want to make sure their teeth don’t suffer. (more…)

Fountain of Youth Dentures Preserve Your Smile

Tooth loss is a common issue among many adults. With age, time, and unfortunately, neglect, you may end up losing your teeth. Tooth loss is damaging in both functional and aesthetic ways. Obviously fewer teeth makes it more difficult to chew food, and this can cause you to place stress on different parts of your mouth and jaw. Further, you may experience a decrease in confidence, knowing that your smile isn’t quite complete. Dentures are a great option for replacing missing teeth and restoring both your ability to eat and your self esteem. There are great options for dentures, thanks to modern dental advancements. Fountain of Youth Dentures, and their special design, preserve your smile. (more…)

Restorative Dentistry Gives Life to Your Teeth

If you’ve neglected your oral health care for some time, you’re not alone. Plenty of people slack on their regular dentist visits and don’t quite take optimal care of their teeth. It can be embarrassing to admit you’ve fallen behind. It can also be intimidating to check in with the dentist if you think you’ll be getting bad news. If you do find that you have cavities or caries, you may feel guilty or self-conscious. While using preventative practices is ideal, tooth decay and damage doesn’t have to be the end of your mouth. Restorative treatment options are here to give life to your worn-down teeth. (more…)