Braces Aren’t Your Only Option for Straighter Teeth

If you had braces as a child, you know how annoying the process can be. Braces are uncomfortable. Between the wires and brackets, the food restrictions, and cleaning regimens, they create a pretty big hassle. If you have misaligned teeth that you want to straighten, you may be hesitant to do so because of braces. There are other solutions to help you achieve the straight smile you’re after. Invisible aligners can get your teeth in line without the discomfort of braces. So don’t write off your chance at a straight, even smile just yet. Braces aren’t your only option. (more…)

If You Have These Risk Factors, Look Out for Sleep Apnea

Are you a snorer? Snoring is something that’s often out of your control, but it can disrupt your sleep and the sleep of those around you. While snoring can just be a nightly annoyance, it can also be a sign of something else: sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition that causes you to wake up hundreds of times throughout the night without even realizing it, robbing of a good night’s sleep. Of course, genetics and family history play a large part in whether or not you develop sleep apnea, but there are also common risk factors that may lead to the condition. (more…)

Are You Giving Your Gums the Same Attention as Your Teeth?

Almost everyone is taught at an early age how to care for their teeth. You know that you should be brushing at least twice a day, using a soft toothbrush head, and flossing regularly too. However, are you giving your gums the same treatment? It can be easy to focus on the teeth when cleaning because you can feel and see the surfaces of your teeth. A fuzzy feeling means that bacteria is growing, and everyone wants to keep those surfaces bright and white. Bacteria can still wreak havoc on your gums though. You need to make sure you’re caring for this part of your mouth. (more…)

Advanced Technology Creates a Better Dental Experience

For some people, a trip to the dentist is just a simple, routine appointment. For others, especially those with complicated oral health histories, it can be much more of an ordeal. Patients that suffer from dental anxiety, or patients whose genetics make cavities more common may not look forward to dentist appointments. One way that you can guarantee a better experience for yourself at the dentist’s office is by choosing a dentist that embraces advanced technology. Contemporary dental technology makes treatment more comfortable, and it reduces the recovery time for many procedures. (more…)

Preventive Dental Care Is Simple But Effective

Everyone wants a beautiful smile that they feel comfortable showing off. There are cosmetic dentistry procedures to help you liven the appearance of your teeth, but the best thing you can do for your smile is to choose preventive dental care. Brushing your teeth at home and getting regular checkups through your dentist are simple, effective ways to keep your teeth looking and feeling healthy. You may be surprised by how easy preventive dentistry can be. The small steps that you take now can improve the quality of health that your teeth experience throughout your life. (more…)

Find a Lifelike Replacement for Your Tooth

Losing a tooth as an adult is no joke. Rather than being met by the tooth fairy, you’re faced with making dramatic lifestyle changes to accommodate your situation. Your missing tooth can necessitate a change in the type of food that you eat, and the way you behave in social settings. A missing tooth can cause you to feel self conscious around others, which may lead to you missing out on essential experiences. When you lose a tooth, you need to find a lifelike replacement for it. You can recover from this serious condition. (more…)

It’s Time to Get Your Smile Plan

Your teeth are a prominent part of your expressiveness. When you smile, laugh, or react to something, you often reveal your teeth. If you feel good about the state of your smile, you probably feel comfortable in social situations. If you have crooked teeth, staining, or some chips and cracks, you may feel self conscious. If you’d like to improve the state of your smile, then you should work with your dentist to find a cosmetic solution. By working with your dentist, you can create a custom smile plan that gives you the beautiful teeth you’ve always wanted. (more…)

Where Are You Experiencing Oral Pain?

You can experience oral pain from a number of sources and in a number of ways. You may see swelling and redness in your gums. Perhaps a particular tooth is hurting you. Maybe you feel sinus pressure that is related to an oral health issue. Knowing where you are experiencing oral pain allows you to relay the information to a dentist who can help address the problem with a restorative solution. If you experience significant or chronic discomfort in any area of your mouth, then you should talk to your dentist right away. (more…)

Fix Minor Cases of Tooth Misalignment Easily

The hassle associated with some dental and orthodontic treatments is what keeps patients away from them. If you’re worried about the treatment timetable or the discomfort associated with a treatment, you may feel hesitant to move forward with said treatment. This is especially true of orthodontic braces. Braces involve rigid metal brackets that can be uncomfortable and leave behind staining. If your tooth misalignment is minor, you may feel that the burden of treatment isn’t worth it. However, invisible aligners present an easy fix for minor cases of tooth misalignment. (more…)

Your Grogginess May Be Part of a Health Condition

Everyone knows the groggy feeling that tends to crop up in the afternoon. It seems like an afternoon slowdown is par for the course for many people. This phenomenon may be the result of a lack of sleep. However, you may also be feeling groggy because the sleep you’re getting isn’t as effective as it could be. If you’re someone who sleeps for nine hours a night, but you still feel sluggish throughout the day, it could be the result of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a medical condition characterized by snoring, but snoring is far from the worst side effect of sleep apnea. (more…)