Bonding & Contouring: A Simple Way To Improve Your Smile

Maple Grove, MN dentist offers cosmetic bonding services

Having discoloration or imperfections on your teeth can make your smile appear uneven. While these problems may not necessarily harm your oral health, they have the potential to make you feel self-conscious. To help boost your appearance and confidence, Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN, offers cosmetic bonding and contouring as a conservative approach to esthetic dentistry.

Imperfections Can Be Fixed With Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is the process of adding composite resin to the teeth. This can be used to cover minor chips or cracks, or discoloration that cannot be removed with professional whitening. The composite resin material that is used for this treatment can be formed to look lifelike and may last for many years with proper care. If you have tried professional whitening before, but it has not helped make your smile appear brighter, it could be because the stains are intrinsic. Internal discoloration could be due to an injury, genetics, or other problems. Professional whitening cannot target this issue because it occurs below the enamel. Patients who have blemishes, uneven teeth, or minor chips may benefit from this treatment.

Addressing Damaged Teeth

In less severe cases, composite resin may be used to correct a tooth that has been damaged. This can be done if the chip or crack is small. However, if the injury is more severe, your dentist will likely recommend restorative options instead. Dental crowns are commonly used to repair a tooth that has been fractured. These tooth-shaped caps may be made of porcelain, metal, or zirconia, depending on where they will be placed. They are used to cover the damaged structure, protect it from further harm, and restrengthen the area.

The resin material used for bonding may also be used for dental fillings. It can be made to appear natural and will not stand out against your smile like silver or gold fillings would. This process is fairly straightforward. The decayed area will be removed, and cleaned, and then composite resin will be added to the space. Fillings help restore your teeth and protect them against cavities in the future.

Add A Contouring Service

Cosmetic bonding can be done in a single appointment. You can also pair this treatment with contouring. This process helps reshape teeth to help them appear more even or symmetrical. Patients with jagged, pointy, or overlapping teeth may benefit from this option. It is minimally invasive and when paired with bonding can give you a complete smile transformation. You can discuss this method with your dentist to find out if this would be a helpful treatment for your needs.

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