Month: January 2021

What Gum Contouring Does To Improve Your Smile

While many cosmetic dental procedures focus on changing the shape and size of your teeth, a gum contouring treatment has a different focus. For people whose gum tissues look bulky, uneven, or awkward in some other way, this procedure can carefully remove tissues that negatively affect the way you look. Through gum contouring, your Maple… Read more »

3 Tips To Help You Keep Your Smile Free Of Cavities

Is your current oral hygiene routine going to keep you completely free of cavities? When tooth decay becomes a problem, it makes treatment from your dentist necessary, as the damage done by a cavity is permanent. To avoid dental decay, you should have a daily routine in place that focuses on both cleaning your smile… Read more »

Growing Concerned About TMJ Disorder? Tell Your Dentist!

Do your jaw joints frequently make popping or clicking noises when you speak or eat? Has chronic pain and stiffness started to affect your jaw and face? These issues can be common among people with TMJ disorder. Unfortunately, they are not the only problems you face if this affects you! In addition to having difficulty… Read more »

You Can Receive A Tooth Filling That Matches Your Enamel

What will it take to preserve your smile if you have a cavity? If your dentist has to perform restorative dental work to address decay, will your appearance change? People can worry about the process of cavity treatment itself as well as its aftermath, as they may assume that metal fillings and crowns are all… Read more »