Schedule Your Summer Checkup

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Now that summer is starting, this is a great time to schedule a visit for you and your family. A checkup and cleaning enables you to start the summer with a healthier smile, and provides time for your kids to receive treatments without missing classes. In today’s blog, your Maple Grove, MN, dentist talks about scheduling a summer exam!

Starting Summer With Better Oral Health

Summer break is fun for kids, but they often fall off their normal routines and one of the first things to be neglected is brushing and flossing their teeth. We urge parents to make sure their kids continue to brush in the morning and at night as they did during the school year, and also that they floss every evening! Try to make sure they have snacks and drinks that are healthy, with fresh fruits, vegetables, and options other than soda. These actions help ensure your kids need good oral health all summer long, so they start a new school year without cavities or gingivitis!


The dental checkup is perfect for every member of your family. The procedure enables our team to carefully examine the smile with advanced digital imaging technology, so we can identify any concerns in the early stages and then address them before they cause discomfort or threaten smile stability. For kids, we make sure primary teeth are erupting and falling out as they should, and watch for issues like tooth decay and gingivitis. For adults, we look for cavities, gum disease, and even screen for oral cancer. For older teens, we could see if they need wisdom teeth extracted, preventing painful impactions that can change the appearance of the smile and leave them vulnerable to poor oral health. Our team can also discuss better oral hygiene habits to keep issues healthy and strong in between our six-month visits!


In the same visit, our team will conduct a detailed dental cleaning, in which we comfortably remove all plaque and tartar from the teeth. The procedure is helpful for kids and adults alike, as plaque and tartar can cause bad breath, teeth stains, cavities, and even gingivitis and gum disease. Our team will use an ultrasonic scaling device and a manual pick to gently and thoroughly remove all buildup from the teeth. We then polish the smile to ensure a brighter appearance, and to make it difficult for plaque and tartar to adhere to the teeth in between these visits.

If you have any questions about how we protect smiles with a thorough checkup and cleaning, then contact our team today to schedule your next visit. We look forward to seeing you!

Do You Need Preventive Dentistry?

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