Month: June 2021

What Veneers Do To Improve Smiles

As you look over your smile, you may find yourself lingering on issues that make you less confident in your appearance. Whether you have one conspicuous flaw or multiple issues, you should know that cosmetic dentistry can help. Our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office provides patients access to different services capable of making their desired… Read more »

Discussing A Toothache With Your Dentist

Once your tooth starts to hurt, it can be hard to tell if the discomfort means you should see your dentist. This is not always a problem that points to an oral health issue. For example, you may experience a short period of dental pain because of a sinus infection. However, if you experience pain… Read more »

How A Crown Provides Smile Improvements

If you have a problem with a cavity, or if your tooth is broken, the right treatment can provide lasting protection. At our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office, we can provide a custom dental crown to cap a vulnerable tooth – by doing so, we can protect you from infection and also improve your bite…. Read more »

How Do I Avoid Problems With Bruxism?

Individuals who struggle with bruxism can have a hard time controlling their teeth grinding habit at an important time – while they are asleep. Unconsciously clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth can lead to problems with pain, stiffness, and sensitivity in your jaw joints and muscles. It can also lead to alarming dental damage!… Read more »

How We Approach Cavity Treatment

What is the “right” approach to a cavity treatment? To answer that question, more information is needed, as patients come in for care while affected by different degrees of dental decay. While one person may visit us with a smaller cavity that requires a dental filling, another can schedule treatment for severe decay that calls… Read more »