Month: November 2022

Protect Your Smile This Winter

Flu Maple Grove MN

This time of year, winter viruses such as the common cold and the flu start to become much more common. We are much more likely to be traveling on account of the holidays, and shopping malls can be a breeding ground for these illnesses. We have had our public knowledge of prevention expanded due to… Read more »

Tooth Loss Doesn’t Have To Set You Back

Senior Maple Grove MN

If you are looking at the prospect of a tooth extraction surgery, you might feel a little down about the idea. After all, losing an adult tooth is rarely a positive sign for our health. But this can often be a necessary step in the progression of your health, and save you from the concern… Read more »

What’s Causing Your Cold Sensitivity?

Cold Maple Grove MN

Often, a sudden burst of cold weather will let you know that your sensitivity issue needs addressing. If you find yourself wincing every time you breathe in the winter air, then it might be time to see a trained oral health professional. Many different issues can lead to dental sensitivity, so it is important to… Read more »

Enhance Your Natural Smile

Curly Maple Grove MN

One of the largest things that dentists stress is maintenance. The best method of keeping a healthy mouth comes through prevention, and making oral health a daily concern. Twice-daily brushing is key in a home oral hygiene routine, as well as thoroughly flossing every day. While that is of course incredibly important, there are some… Read more »

Your Prosthodontic Possibilities

Lines Maple Grove MN

Losing a tooth is an uncomfortable concept for most people. Losing a vital functioning piece of your body is a form of trauma, both physical and emotional. But it is important to remember that sometimes, extractions are necessary to maintain a healthy mouth. Most likely, you hadn’t been able to properly use that area of… Read more »