Month: October 2022

Early Treatment For Receding Gums

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There are multiple reasons as to why your gum tissue will begin to pull back from its proper connection to your tooth. This can include improper brushing techniques, or as a result of infection and inflammation of this material. This is a very common condition, with a little under half of all adults over the… Read more »

Safe, Effective Whitening Is Simple

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Many people have concerns with the quality of their smile’s coloration. With our constant use of our teeth, it is understandable that they may develop stains or marks. After all, we only get one adult set, and as soon as they emerge, they start taking damage. Unfortunately, we are also still very young when these… Read more »

Protecting Your Child’s Teeth

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Young parents are often overworked and underrested. There are so many different concerns through pregnancy, and it only increases whenever the baby arrives. These parents may believe that their child’s oral health is something they can be a little relaxed a bit about. After all, how can there be problems with teeth even before their… Read more »

Bridge, Partial, Implant: Your Options

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If you have lost a tooth or group of them together, you may very well be a little overwhelmed at your options. That is understandable, and this is a big decision. A surgical option needs to be well thought-out, and maintaining communication with your dental office can always help you gather more information. Every smile… Read more »