Safe, Effective Whitening Is Simple

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Many people have concerns with the quality of their smile’s coloration. With our constant use of our teeth, it is understandable that they may develop stains or marks. After all, we only get one adult set, and as soon as they emerge, they start taking damage. Unfortunately, we are also still very young when these important structures arrive. We lack the foresight we attain through more years of age.

So it is very common to want to spruce up your smile through teeth whitening. We keep your oral health at the front of our concerns, so our procedures focus on avoiding dentin sensitivity while safely lifting unwanted coloration from your enamel. This may be a perfect fit for someone looking for a quick refresh before any event where there might be photographs. Today, your Maple Grove, MN dentist explains how safely removing years of stains can make your smile absolutely glisten!

Prevention Can Be Key

From the moment you grow your adult teeth, the maintenance of your smile is a life-long endeavor. But many things that we come into contact with can leave stains on our enamel. And removing these stains can take more effort and time than creating new ones, so the problem persists. So, of course, we have to look at ways that we can limit the contact of these foods and beverages when possible. Some common items include red wine and coffee.

If you consume these regularly, be sure you take particular care of your mouth, and watch for changes in coloration. Smoking, beyond its numerous other health problems, is also a leading cause of discoloration. Please quit if at all possible, and the earlier, the better. Find a program that works for you and stick with it! It’s worth it.

Treating Stains Carefully

For those who already have stains on their enamel that they are looking to remove, our simple whitening procedure might be a fantastic fit for you. Our take-home whitening trays provide a comfortable experience without much in the way of hassle. While we love to see you at the office, we understand that you might rather skip it from time to time.

These custom-designed trays will go home with you, and you will need to keep them for the next ten days or so. Always follow the directions of your dentist, each smile is unique! You will coat the tray with a bleaching gel, and wear them for an hour to two hours each day for this set period of time. Afterward, your smile will be fully refreshed and renewed. It is important to monitor your smile in the future and try to take care of any potential stains as soon as they occur.

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