Month: November 2016

Q&A: Biting Your Fingernails

Are you a nail biter? Do you tend to hide your hands when you’re around others because you nibble on your nails chronically? While it’s certainly something that can cause your hands to look less attractive than you would prefer, did you know it might negatively affect your health, as well? In fact, chewing on… Read more »

Do You Have Questions About Teeth Whitening?

Patients often approach us about the brightness of their smile. We understand that most people prefer to have a brighter smile, this can improve confidence and help you make a great a first impression. In order to remove discoloration, we offer two different forms of teeth whitening. Do you have questions about our teeth whitening… Read more »

Are You Pregnant? Consider Some Dental Care Suggestions!

When you find out that you’re pregnant, you might be prepared for a lot of things. However, figuring out what to do with your dental care might not be one of them! If you’re unsure about how to proceed, we would like to share some relieving information: You’re pretty much going to be doing what… Read more »

Limited Time Special Offer!

  Do you assume a cleaning and checkup isn’t going to work with your budget, so you continue to avoid the dental services that you need? If so, we encourage you to take a moment to consider a special offer for dental care that you can currently rely on to get your oral health back on… Read more »

Dental Care: 2 Things You Should Not Do

For the most part, patients have a clear idea about what they should and should not do for their smiles. You should brush and floss, you should come in for visits, you should ask us dental hygiene questions. You shouldn’t eat a lot of sugar, you shouldn’t go to bed without brushing your teeth, and you… Read more »