Are You Pregnant? Consider Some Dental Care Suggestions!

pregnantwomanpolkadotWhen you find out that you’re pregnant, you might be prepared for a lot of things. However, figuring out what to do with your dental care might not be one of them! If you’re unsure about how to proceed, we would like to share some relieving information: You’re pretty much going to be doing what you usually do for your oral health. Of course, we have some suggestions for additional protection and to make your life easier!

Don’t Stop Your Care

Your oral health still requires consistent dental care. This means your dental hygiene efforts at home and your usual visits at our practice. Bonus: When you come in to see us, we can offer you all sorts of tips for your home care, so you make it through the nine months with a clean, healthy smile on your face!

Remember To Rinse

Remember that you might not always be feeling your best, particularly if morning sickness is affecting you during pregnancy. As a result, if you end up dealing with vomiting, just remember to rinse your smile. Rest up, relax, and when you feel better, brush your teeth. There’s no rush. In fact, waiting around 30 minutes after you rinse is our suggestion to keep your oral health safe.

Pay Attention To Your Gums

While there are a lot of seemingly magical things happening in your life right now, you may not be too thrilled to learn that gum tissue does not always respond well to major hormonal changes. As a result, pregnancy commonly brings inflamed gums along with it, which promotes gum disease. By keeping an eye on your gums, keeping up with checkups, and letting us know if your gums look puffy, red, or if bleeding occurs, you will do a wonderful job with keeping your oral health in good condition.