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Restoring Your Smile Is Not Just for Looks

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There are numerous health benefits to restoring your missing teeth. You may not mind the gaps esthetically, but they could cause other oral health concerns in the long term. In today’s blog, your team of restorative dental experts in Maple Grove, MN. discuss the ways we can restore your missing teeth and the benefits to your… Read more »

A New Prosthetic Tooth In The New Year

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From time to time, we may require the removal of one or more of our teeth. When your existing natural dental material becomes a liability, it can be helpful to extract that damaged or diseased part of your smile. This process can help you to remove painful situations where the tooth is failing. An extraction,… Read more »

A Graceful Tooth Replacement

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One of the most common dental issues is a failing tooth. Whether this has been lost to trauma or you require a surgical extraction, this can be a stressful situation without the proper guidance and care. Our Maple Grove, MN dental office is proud to focus on positive replacement solutions that can go beyond simple… Read more »

How Dental Bridges Restore Smiles

When tooth loss becomes a problem, you can feel its impact in several ways. Your immediate concerns about your appearance can be joined by problems with your dental function, worries over your oral health, and even the threat of losing more teeth! At our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office, we can recommend an effective solution;… Read more »

Should Your Prosthetic Be Supported By A Dental Implant?

How much support can you really expect a dental prosthetic to give you? Will it be easy to keep your restoration in place throughout the day, even as you rely on it when biting and chewing food? Dental implants help people with incomplete smiles gain back more than just confidence in their appearance. They effectively… Read more »

How Should I Handle Losing A Tooth?

As a child, losing a tooth is a normal, healthy experience. As an adult, your teeth should not be falling out, but, when you have a jarring dental experience in an emergency situation, like losing a permanent tooth, it can be difficult to remember how you should proceed. In today’s blog, your Maple Grove, MN,… Read more »

Find a Lifelike Replacement for Your Tooth

Losing a tooth as an adult is no joke. Rather than being met by the tooth fairy, you’re faced with making dramatic lifestyle changes to accommodate your situation. Your missing tooth can necessitate a change in the type of food that you eat, and the way you behave in social settings. A missing tooth can… Read more »

Get Ready for Life After a Dental Bridge

Whether you’ve been dealing with tooth loss for sometime, or if you’ve just recently suffered tooth loss, it’s time to change your situation. Tooth loss is a painful experience that comes with plenty of fallout. However, you don’t need to continue suffering. Working with your dentist, you can choose a prosthetic dental option that allows… Read more »

Find A Quick Road To Recovery With A Dental Bridge

There’s a reason that people say you have to “get back on the horse” after you fall off. When you suffer a setback, if you don’t bounce back right away, it can be easy to get down on yourself. When you suffer tooth loss, you want to find a quick road to recovery. If you… Read more »

Keep Your Smile Looking Young

Your smile is like a window into your personality. When you show off your radiant teeth by lighting up with a smile, it can be infectious to those around you. Smiling is a universal sign of happiness, so of course you want to smile as often as you can. But what happens when you don’t… Read more »