Month: February 2022

Responding To Problems With Bruxism

The start of teeth grinding issues puts your smile at risk, and it puts you in a situation where discomfort can feel like part of your daily life. When habitual grinding and clenching, a problem known as bruxism, is a concern, you should know that your Maple Grove, MN dentist can help. Our practice can… Read more »

How Root Canals Treat Severe Cavities

There are several reasons to be concerned about tooth decay. One is that as it progresses and does more harm to your enamel, it is more likely to cause a painful infection. As bacteria make their way into your tooth’s central chamber, living tissues can become infected, leading to significant discomfort. At this point, work… Read more »

Correcting Smile Problems With Veneers

Your smile should be something you are proud to show off. Our teeth tend to be a prominent feature; while this can help a dazzling smile stand out, it means that flaws can draw an uncomfortable amount of attention. Fortunately, the right cosmetic procedure can help you. At our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office, patients… Read more »

The Value Of Preventive Dental Care

There are certainly services that our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office can provide if you have problems with your smile. We provide a range of restorative and cosmetic services that help you with the different problems that can affect your teeth. With that said, we are also here to help patients take care of themselves… Read more »