Month: January 2022

How Timing Impacts Cavity Treatment

If you have a cavity, you need to have it treated if you want it to stop posing a threat to your tooth and oral health. Once decay is severe enough to make treatment necessary, there is not a way for you to halt or reverse the damage that has been done to your enamel…. Read more »

Effective Solutions For Dull, Discolored Teeth

It may affect many people, but that does not mean it is easy to adjust to life with a dull, discolored smile. As your teeth become less bright, you can take on an appearance that makes you look both older and less healthy, which can generally hurt the way that others perceive you. The good… Read more »

Do I Have Time For Bonding Treatment?

By making meaningful cosmetic changes to your teeth, you can enjoy a welcome surge in confidence. After all, a person’s smile can be their most prominent feature, and something that people closely associate with them. Unfortunately, this means that even relatively small problems with the way they look can draw undesired notice. At our Maple… Read more »

What Can I Do About Recurring Jaw Pain?

When jaw pain keeps on affecting your daily life, it can stop being a surprise, but it can remain a real concern. Why are you struggling with this discomfort on a consistent basis? Problems with joint alignment and movement can lead to TMJ disorder, which can give you frequent issues with discomfort, stiff and painful… Read more »