Month: March 2016

Composite Fillings: 3 Reasons To Feel Elated

So, you have recently visited us for a dental checkup and we found tooth decay. As a result, we suggested that you set up an appointment to receive a tooth-colored filling to address the cavity and restore your oral health. The good news is that you recognize that this restoration is different from an amalgam… Read more »

The Rundown On Restorative Care

Are you trying to decide whether you really need restorative care or if choosing to repair your smile isn’t actually necessary? Fortunately, we can help you feel more certain regarding when you need to schedule a dental visit for your oral health – and when the decision to see us is all your own. By… Read more »

The Clear Way To Align Your Teeth

How do you feel about your smile? You might receive teeth whitening, bonding, and all manner of cosmetic treatments that allow each individual tooth to look lovely. However, if your teeth do not stand in alignment with one another, you may continue to feel less than confident about your entire smile’s appearance. To unite your… Read more »

Advantages Of Dental Contouring

Are you interested in finding a way to make your smile look more pleasing to yourself and others? Is the primary concern the fact that you need to smooth particular areas to achieve improved tooth shape – or to address concerns with smile consistency? If so, dental contouring provides a wealth of advantages when it… Read more »

Dental Bonding: Major Benefits

Are you in the process of finding a way to improve the beauty of your smile because of small concerns you are tired of seeing in the mirror? This is an extremely common complaint that we hear from patients – often from individuals who are worried that their esthetic problem is not severe enough for treatment…. Read more »