Composite Fillings: 3 Reasons To Feel Elated

reasonsblocksSo, you have recently visited us for a dental checkup and we found tooth decay. As a result, we suggested that you set up an appointment to receive a tooth-colored filling to address the cavity and restore your oral health. The good news is that you recognize that this restoration is different from an amalgam filling. The not-so-wonderful news is that you may not know why we expect you to be so excited. Learn a bit more about the benefits of composite fillings, so you better understand what the future has in store for your smile.

Reason #1: They’re Also Called “White Fillings”

Whether you call it a composite filling, a tooth-colored filling, or otherwise, you will quickly catch on to the fact that these terms refer to the way the restoration looks. You see, composite is a synthetic acrylic-resin material. Unlike metal, which is dark in color, we can customize the shade of composite to match your tooth. The result? Your tooth will look almost like new instead of grey or dark.

Reason #2: They Don’t Cause Sensitivity

Your tooth may feel sensitive right now because of tooth decay. However, receiving a composite filling will not make matters worse – it will make them better. This is partly because composite is free of metal and therefore a poor conductor of heat. Metal, as you likely know, is a fantastic conductor – this is why amalgam fillings commonly lead to sensitivity due to extremes in temperature.

Reason #3: You Probably Qualify

Many patients do not qualify for metal fillings either because they are sensitive or allergic to metal or because the traces of mercury are not safe for them (this is true for young children and pregnant women). Fortunately, metal- and mercury-free composite fillings are safe for nearly everyone.