Month: March 2018

Is Sleep Apnea Causing You Problems?

Everyone could stand to get a little more sleep every night. Ideally, we’d all find time to get a solid nine hours of rest each evening. However, that’s not realistic for most people. You’ve got a busy schedule and you have other people to care for, so extra sleep is tough to find. What’s important… Read more »

Your Teeth Are Clean, How About Your Gums?

When you think about oral healthcare, it can be easy to focus on the teeth. Your teeth are the focal point of your smile. Having bright, healthy teeth can provide a big confidence boost when interacting with others. There’s a lot more to oral health than just the state of your teeth, however. True oral… Read more »

A Cutting Edge Experience with Laser Dentistry

Receiving a cutting edge experience is about so much more than the satisfaction of getting to play with a new toy. A cutting edge experience means the best level of care and comfort. It means more accuracy and less overhead. Cutting edge technology has made its way into the dental industry in the form of… Read more »

Keep Your Smile Looking Young

Your smile is like a window into your personality. When you show off your radiant teeth by lighting up with a smile, it can be infectious to those around you. Smiling is a universal sign of happiness, so of course you want to smile as often as you can. But what happens when you don’t… Read more »

Your Dental Crown Needs a Personal Touch

Good dental care is all about a personal touch. If you need a treatment like a crown, bridge, or root canal, you may start to feel anxious. Will the procedure be painful? What will the recovery time be like? If you get carried away worrying about questions like these, you may even talk yourself out… Read more »