Month: February 2021

Restoring A Tooth After A Cavity Has Formed

After a cavity forms, your tooth will experience permanent damage. The key to preventing this permanent destruction of your enamel is to avoid the onset of dental decay. Unfortunately, many people will have at least one cavity in their lifetime, at which point they will require restorative dental work. At our Maple Grove, MN dental… Read more »

Why Am I Grinding And Clenching My Jaw While I Sleep?

If you keep waking up with sore and sensitive teeth, or feelings of stiffness and pain in your jaw, it can be because you are unconsciously grinding or clenching your teeth as you sleep. People who experience this issue, known as bruxism, have to worry about more than just an uncomfortable start to their day,… Read more »

Bring Us Your Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

When you look at your smile in the mirror, or when you study it in pictures, you may see a flaw, or several flaws, that you feel hurts your overall appearance. Even minor problems with the shape, size, and color of teeth can draw unwanted attention and throw off the quality of your smile. You… Read more »

How Scheduled Teeth Cleanings Keep Your Smile In Good Health

Are you doing a good job keeping your smile clean? When you think about your commitment to oral hygiene, you should consider more than just how effective your brushing and flossing routine might be. Good habits are certainly important, but you should also take advantage of the preventive services provided during routine dental exams. At… Read more »