Restoring A Tooth After A Cavity Has Formed

After a cavity forms, your tooth will experience permanent damage. The key to preventing this permanent destruction of your enamel is to avoid the onset of dental decay. Unfortunately, many people will have at least one cavity in their lifetime, at which point they will require restorative dental work. At our Maple Grove, MN dental office, we are prepared to take care of a patient’s tooth while minimizing changes to its structure and preserving its appearance. Depending on the size of your cavity, we can place either a dental filling or a dental crown. Both can imitate healthy enamel and avoid unwanted attention. Because of this, you can leave treatment with the confidence that your restored tooth can still fit in with your smile, and that you can safely bite and chew without hurting it.

Cavities Do Permanent Damage To Your Tooth Structure

When oral bacteria damage our enamel, they can eventually do enough harm to create permanent damage to the structure. Over time, your cavity will keep growing, eventually doing enough harm to make you vulnerable to a painful and alarming tooth infection. The more time you wait to arrange treatment, the more likely you are to experience complications that require a more involved procedure. Unfortunately, even a small cavity can require treatment with a permanent restoration.

Providing Treatment With A Dental Filling

Dental fillings provide a more conservative treatment option when dental decay is an issue. The fillings we provide are made with a composite resin material that can successfully imitate the appearance of healthy enamel. Once this substance is applied, it hardens to provide protection for your bite as well as a defense against a new infection. Because our fillings imitate tooth structure, we can restore a visible tooth without changing the way you look.

Why Root Canal Therapy And A Dental Crown May Be Required

Root canal therapy is only provided when you have a cavity serious enough to cause an infection. An infection develops when bacteria make their way into a tooth’s central chamber, known as the pulp. When this occurs, you can experience pain and sensitivity that can lead to concerns. Through root canal treatment, we will be able to stop an infection from worsening, which stops discomfort and prevents tooth loss. After this work is done, a dental crown will be placed over the tooth to protect it.

Count On Your Maple Grove, MN Dental Office For Cavity Treatment

Elm Creek Dental is prepared to take care of your smile when you experience an issue with tooth decay. Through treatment, we can make sure that your tooth is fully restored while still preserving a tooth’s natural look! To find out more, reach out to our dental office in Maple Grove, MN, at 763-416-0606.