Month: July 2017

Considering Invisalign: A Few Good Reasons

Perhaps you’re at the point with your smile at which you’re thinking about considering Invisalign treatment. You might not know much about the good reasons to say “definitely!” to this treatment, and you might not know for sure whether you even want to align your smile. So, you think you might want to learn more… Read more »

A Deep Cleaning With Laser Dentistry

Deep cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing, is an effective way to treat gums with periodontal disease. A deep cleaning with laser dentistry allows the process to be quicker and more comfortable than a deep cleaning done by hand. Dental lasers use a concentrated beam of light to provide precision and speed to the… Read more »

About Your Love Of Hard, Crunchy Foods

Are you someone who can’t seem to get enough of hard, crunchy foods? Maybe there’s something about biting into a nut and hearing it crack apart that makes you smile. Perhaps you love the crunch factor because it just makes eating more enjoyable. Whatever it is, we are sorry to inform you that you might… Read more »

Summertime Sweets: How To Protect Your Smile

It’s probably no surprise to you that summertime often leaves you face-to-face with something sweet and sugary at every turn. At work, someone has brought in morning donuts. At parties, you’re faced with lemonade and cupcakes. When you’re out and about, you give in to the temptation for a snow cone on a hot day…. Read more »