Month: October 2017

Are You Ready for Trick-or-Treating?

Halloween is nearly here! The weather has turned chilly, decorations are up in front yards across the neighborhood, and pretty soon, costumed kiddies will be running rampant on the hunt for candy. There’s plenty to prepare for when it comes to Halloween, and trick-or-treating is a big part of the experience. Are you ready for… Read more »

Fountain of Youth Dentures Preserve Your Smile

Tooth loss is a common issue among many adults. With age, time, and unfortunately, neglect, you may end up losing your teeth. Tooth loss is damaging in both functional and aesthetic ways. Obviously fewer teeth makes it more difficult to chew food, and this can cause you to place stress on different parts of your… Read more »

Restorative Dentistry Gives Life to Your Teeth

If you’ve neglected your oral health care for some time, you’re not alone. Plenty of people slack on their regular dentist visits and don’t quite take optimal care of their teeth. It can be embarrassing to admit you’ve fallen behind. It can also be intimidating to check in with the dentist if you think you’ll… Read more »

How Do Veneers Transform A Smile?

In our previous blog, we took a look at teeth whitening and how our professional system can remove discoloration. In today’s blog, we want to examine another cosmetic treatment, but one that can address a variety of common esthetic complaints. How do veneers transform a smile?