Fountain of Youth Dentures Preserve Your Smile

Tooth loss is a common issue among many adults. With age, time, and unfortunately, neglect, you may end up losing your teeth. Tooth loss is damaging in both functional and aesthetic ways. Obviously fewer teeth makes it more difficult to chew food, and this can cause you to place stress on different parts of your mouth and jaw. Further, you may experience a decrease in confidence, knowing that your smile isn’t quite complete. Dentures are a great option for replacing missing teeth and restoring both your ability to eat and your self esteem. There are great options for dentures, thanks to modern dental advancements. Fountain of Youth Dentures, and their special design, preserve your smile.

Traditional Dentures Use a Static Approach to Measure Your Smile

Dentures are personalized for your mouth by creating a mold that is specific to you. These dental prosthetics are traditionally created by your dentist after he or she measures your smile and makes a mold of your teeth, gums, dental ridges, and jaw bones. The dentures are customized to fit you, but they’re created using a static mold. That means your mouth will still have to adjust to accommodate the dentures. It can distort the muscles around your mouth and jaw as your body adapts to the new prosthesis.

Fountain of Youth Dentures Use a Dynamic Approach to Measure Your Smile

Fountain of Youth Dentures take an evolved approach to the process. The molds used to craft these prosthetics are taken while the mouth’s muscles are in motion. That dynamic process creates a dynamic fit that can adapt to your mouth. Thanks to this neuromuscular approach, Fountain of Youth Dentures better contour to your facial features to preserve your smile.

Interested in Fountain of Youth Dentures?

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