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What Is Periodontal Health and How Does it Affect Me?

When you read the phrase “periodontal health,” what comes to mind? If you’re not sure what this phrase refers to, you’re not alone. Periodontal health refers to the health of your gums (and your jaw). While keeping your teeth clean and healthy is vital to overall oral health, your gums are a big part of… Read more »

Are You Being Treated with Modern Dental Technology?

Technology is a pervasive part of everyone’s life. It changes quickly, most often to improve the experience for those that use it. We think about this all the time with computers and cellphones, but technology is adapting in every industry, including the dental industry. Are you being treated with modern dental technology? If the tools… Read more »

Make Your Dental Appointments for Peace of Mind

You gain many different things when you schedule and attend regular dentist appointments. One of the most important things you get out of this experience is peace of mind. Dental appointments are a time for your dentist to examine your teeth, check for any developing issues, and clean your teeth to keep cavities away. If… Read more »

Your Next Dental Treatment Could Be Done with Lasers

For both healthcare providers and patients alike, a safe, efficient method of treatment is important. Your dentist wants to be able to deliver precise care that effectively treats the problems that you have. He or she also wants you to be comfortable! As a patient, of course you want to find a dentist that you… Read more »

Your Teeth Are Clean, How About Your Gums?

When you think about oral healthcare, it can be easy to focus on the teeth. Your teeth are the focal point of your smile. Having bright, healthy teeth can provide a big confidence boost when interacting with others. There’s a lot more to oral health than just the state of your teeth, however. True oral… Read more »

Are You Missing that Clean Teeth Feeling?

The feeling you get when you’ve just had your teeth professionally cleaned is unlike anything else in life. There’s an unmistakable sensation that comes with having all of the plaque and buildup ousted from your mouth. If you run your tongue across the surfaces of your teeth, you can feel how slick they are. Even… Read more »

Helping Anxious Patients Receive The Dental Care They Need

Preventive dental care is important to your smile. Without effective treatment, you can face a greater risk for cavities and gum disease, and generally experience a lower degree of oral health care. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who experience dental anxiety, and struggle to attend dental checkups. Your dentist understands that dental anxiety is a… Read more »

Are You Ready for Trick-or-Treating?

Halloween is nearly here! The weather has turned chilly, decorations are up in front yards across the neighborhood, and pretty soon, costumed kiddies will be running rampant on the hunt for candy. There’s plenty to prepare for when it comes to Halloween, and trick-or-treating is a big part of the experience. Are you ready for… Read more »

Quiz: Why Are My Lips So Chapped?

It’s one thing to wake up in the morning with chapped lips and then to get the problem to resolve throughout the day. It’s quite another to find that you can’t seem to address the problem. Instead of ending up with a supple smile, you find yourself dealing with cracking and discomfort. The good news… Read more »

3 Reasons To Say No Way To Tobacco

How many reasons can you come up with to say no to tobacco? If you were to ask us this same question, we could certainly rattle off quite a lengthy collection of responses. However, for the sake of brevity and helping you remain informed on the important details associated with your oral health, we would… Read more »