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Regular Dental Exams And Your Smile Health

How certain are you that your smile is currently in good health? How long has it been since you last had a dentist evaluate you and talk to you about the condition of your teeth and gums? Regular appointments provide an important line of defense against the kind of oral health threats that can negatively… Read more »

Stress, Bruxism, And Your Oral Health

When you think about what issues might affect your risk for dental problems, you can focus on oral hygiene, your diet, and your commitment to dental exams. These certainly do matter, but other factors can impact you in ways that you should not ignore. For example, a person who is under greater stress can be… Read more »

Are You Grinding Your Teeth At Night?

If you think you might be grinding your teeth during the night, you should be concerned. If you are ignoring the signs of this problem in hopes that the matter will resolve itself, you can put yourself at risk for experiencing serious dental damage. At our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office, we can offer protection… Read more »

How TMJ Disorder Affects A Person’s Life

If you have unresolved problems with uneven jaw movement or stress on your joints and muscles, pain can be a regular part of your day. Of course, even if you are familiar with this discomfort, it can be difficult to become used to it. Are you simply stuck with pain and stiffness whenever you try… Read more »

Using Aligners To Make Smile Improvements

When you want to do something about uneven teeth spacing, you can find that more treatment options are available than traditional metal braces. While these appliances may be necessary for some, they are not the only way poorly aligned smiles can be improved. At our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office, we can provide options in… Read more »

How Do I Avoid Problems With Bruxism?

Individuals who struggle with bruxism can have a hard time controlling their teeth grinding habit at an important time – while they are asleep. Unconsciously clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth can lead to problems with pain, stiffness, and sensitivity in your jaw joints and muscles. It can also lead to alarming dental damage!… Read more »

How Orthodontic Work Improves Smiles

If you have noticeable issues with malocclusion – poor teeth spacing – you may have a difficult time sharing a confident smile with the world. Until you deal with this problem, you can find yourself hiding your teeth from view as much as possible. By learning more about your orthodontic treatment options, you can discover… Read more »

Dental Exams Protect Your Teeth And Gums

Are you currently doing enough to keep yourself safe against threats like tooth decay and gum disease, or could you benefit from a better approach to preventive care? When you think about what makes an approach to oral hygiene “right” for you, remember that you should count on more than just your own daily habits… Read more »

Addressing Your Issues With TMJ Pain

man with TMJ pain

Someone who lives with TMJ disorder can experience discomfort whenever they attempt to bite, chew, or speak. They can also have frequent difficulties with headaches, as well as problems with nightly teeth grinding. If these problems sound familiar to you, a visit with your dentist can be productive. At our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office,… Read more »

Why Am I Grinding And Clenching My Jaw While I Sleep?

If you keep waking up with sore and sensitive teeth, or feelings of stiffness and pain in your jaw, it can be because you are unconsciously grinding or clenching your teeth as you sleep. People who experience this issue, known as bruxism, have to worry about more than just an uncomfortable start to their day,… Read more »