Month: June 2017

Tips To Lower Your Risk Of Oral Cancer

Did you know that it’s estimated that around 49,750 people will be diagnosed with mouth, throat, tonsil, or tongue cancer this year? That means the odds of you or someone you know developing oral cancer are uncomfortably high. Don’t risk becoming a statistic. Don’t give oral cancer a chance. You can lower your risk of… Read more »

Dental Care: How To Organize And Categorize The Details

You might be able to form your own organizational system and your own categories that work best for you as you’re making an effort to streamline your dental care. While each person works best with his or her own system, we would love to get you started with a simple way to approach everything you… Read more »

Quiz: How Are Your Dental Hygiene Product Selections?

It’s often difficult to know how you’re doing with your oral health, particularly if you’re trying to make choices all on your own. When it comes to your dental hygiene selections, for instance, you may hope for the best but still wonder if you could be making different choices that would better benefit your smile…. Read more »

4 Times You Assume We Cannot Help (When We Can)

While we understand your tendency to hesitate or assume your dental issues are too serious, we urge you to hear us when we say: We offer comprehensive restorative care that will fix your smile. The best thing you can do right away? Schedule a visit with us. In the meantime, learn a bit more.

3 Reasons To Say No Way To Tobacco

How many reasons can you come up with to say no to tobacco? If you were to ask us this same question, we could certainly rattle off quite a lengthy collection of responses. However, for the sake of brevity and helping you remain informed on the important details associated with your oral health, we would… Read more »