Month: April 2017

2 Reasons You Should Align Your Smile

You might think that choosing Invisalign treatment is something you do only if you don’t like the way that your smile looks. It’s true that signing up for orthodontic care will certainly lead you toward a straight smile that you can feel proud to look at in the mirror and show off to the rest… Read more »

Your Checkup And Cleaning: How To Get Ready

Are you almost ready for your next dental checkup and cleaning? Did you already schedule it and it is quickly approaching? If so, we strongly encourage you to consider some helpful guidance regarding how to get ready for your visit. Rest assured, our suggestions are very simple and will help you enjoy the most relaxing,… Read more »

Funny Sensations Quiz

Most of the time, you’ll probably make it through your day like any other day, with a smile that feels “normal.” However, there may be the occasional break from the expected when a funny sensation takes hold! It might be while you’re eating something. It may be out of nowhere. It might even be something… Read more »

Do You Have Dry Mouth?

When you learn about dry mouth, you will quickly discover that the symptoms and definition are actually described in the simple name of the disorder. Your mouth will feel dry. Your lips may dry out and crack. The cause? Insufficient saliva. “What’s the big deal?” you might think to yourself. “It’s just a little dryness.”… Read more »