Month: March 2021

Are You Losing Confidence In An Older Dental Crown?

You should feel confident that your dental crown will support your bite function and protect your tooth, even if it is older. Dental restorations are needed on a permanent basis after restorative dental work. This is because our teeth are not able to recover naturally from cavities and physical injuries that demand treatment. If you… Read more »

When A Tooth Problem Calls For Root Canal Treatment

Dental problems can be addressed before you require root canal treatment. In fact, this is one of the reasons patients are advised to keep up with regular dental exams, even at times when they feel their teeth have no problems. At an appointment, your Maple Grove, MN dentist can identify a cavity and provide restorative… Read more »

Choosing Your Preferred Approach To Teeth Whitening

You are ready to make your smile whiter, but you may be less certain about what kind of treatment you should consider. Over the counter whitening treatments provide some benefits, but they can be less than effective at removing stubborn stains. Fortunately, you can turn to your Maple Grove, MN dentist for help with discoloration…. Read more »

3 Things You Can Look Forward To At A Dental Exam

What kind of care will you receive at your next routine dental exam? Routine dental appointments provide several benefits, and give you important overall support so that your smile remains healthy. These appointments focus on more than just cavity prevention and detection, though this is certainly important. At our Maple Grove, MN dental office, we… Read more »

Should Your Prosthetic Be Supported By A Dental Implant?

How much support can you really expect a dental prosthetic to give you? Will it be easy to keep your restoration in place throughout the day, even as you rely on it when biting and chewing food? Dental implants help people with incomplete smiles gain back more than just confidence in their appearance. They effectively… Read more »