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Protect Your Child from Cavities

As parents, we all want to ensure our children grow up with healthy smiles and strong teeth. Cavities are one of the most common yet preventable childhood diseases. To protect your child’s oral health, our dental team recommends the use of sealants and fluoride treatments to prevent cavities and the utilization of laser technology for… Read more »

Help Them Start The School Year Right With A Dental Checkup

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When this time of the year comes around, as a parent, it can be a stressful time. Finding the right school supplies can always be a struggle, and it may feel like the teachers and administrators really have it out for you with the complicated schedules and pickup rules. As they head back to class… Read more »

Be Their Dental Role Model!

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At any age, your trips to the dental office are vital for the lasting maintenance of your smile. For children, these appointments take on an added significance, as their mouths are rapidly developing. Their smiles may encounter problems in their growth, so keeping a consistent schedule of appointments is beneficial in reaching diagnoses quickly. This… Read more »

Protecting Your Child’s Teeth

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Young parents are often overworked and underrested. There are so many different concerns through pregnancy, and it only increases whenever the baby arrives. These parents may believe that their child’s oral health is something they can be a little relaxed a bit about. After all, how can there be problems with teeth even before their… Read more »

Will Holiday Fun Lead To Cavities For Your Kids?

While holiday festivities vary from family to family and year to year, seasonal treats tend to be a fixture at even the most casual of gatherings. Between the richer foods you can enjoy during a meal and the array of desserts you can consume after, your teeth can be more vulnerable to dental decay than… Read more »

What Steps Should You Take To Keep Your Kids Cavity-Free?

Until around the ages of six or seven, parents have to brush and floss for their kids. While children can take these responsibilities on for themselves at an early age, you can continue to worry about the condition of their smile. Our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office is prepared to help you keeps your kids… Read more »

We Help Parents And Kids Take Care Of Their Teeth

Parents are responsible for their kids’ oral health, and they also have to make sure their own needs are being met when it comes to preventing dental problems. Even if your child is able to brush and floss on their own, you still have a role to play by encouraging them to perform these tasks… Read more »

Teaching Your Kids About Dental Care? Try These Tips!

There are many important lessons parents must impart to their kids. In order to help them grow up with healthy teeth, and wonderful smiles, it is important that your kids receive guidance on proper oral health care. The right instructions can help them form habits that keep them safe from cavities and gum disease as… Read more »

Celebrate Healthy Smiles During Children’s Dental Health Month

Even though February, which is National Children’s Dental Health Month, is almost over, it is always important to remember your child’s dental health. At Elm Creek Dental, we want little smiles to be healthy, and, while we can help keep them healthy in our office, it is important that you help them at home, too…. Read more »

How Do Your Children Handle the Dentist?

Certain dental office experiences can feel intimidating and clinical, especially for younger patients. The wrong care environment can lead patients to feel uncomfortable and nervous about attending future appointments. This can have a detrimental effect in the long-term for children. A bad experience as a child may lead them to become a reticent patient as… Read more »