Be Their Dental Role Model!

Family Kid Happy Maple Grove MNAt any age, your trips to the dental office are vital for the lasting maintenance of your smile. For children, these appointments take on an added significance, as their mouths are rapidly developing. Their smiles may encounter problems in their growth, so keeping a consistent schedule of appointments is beneficial in reaching diagnoses quickly. This way, you and your dentist can work on a solution before serious harm starts to occur.

At Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN, we are here for the needs of both you and your child. Schedule your appointment alongside your child’s trip to the dentist, and discover the advantages of being a positive role model in their health journey. This approach gives you the power to show your little one that oral health maintenance is an important step in their development, while you continue to be a guiding hand. Shared experience can help them to understand the role that the dentist plays in their life!

Has It Been A While Since Their Last Semiannual Checkup?

As a parent, keeping a schedule can be incredibly difficult. You have to juggle your own needs, as well as the changing calendar of your child. It can seem as if things change just as soon as you start to figure them out! Do not let the dental needs of you and your child fall behind, however, as your appointments are an integral part of your smile maintenance.

Everyone should be in the dental chair every six months on average, and some patients require a more frequent timeline of visits. Work with your provider to find a routine that works for your needs, and be sure to keep to this schedule. This is an important part of the ongoing healthcare for both you and your child!

Be Your Child’s Dental Mentor With Consistent Care

By adhering to the schedule of appointments given to you by your provider, you have the ability to teach your child the importance of visiting the dentist. If you come in for your cleanings and examinations at the same time as your little one, you can show them how brave you are. When children see your strength, they can feel comfortable in their experience, as well. It is sometimes helpful for parents to also tie these appointments to significant events in their development. Before they start their summer vacation, bring them in for their semiannual checkup!

Helping Your Child Grow With Positive Dental Habits

Make an appointment for both you and your child, so that you can be a positive influence on their healthcare journey. Give us a call at Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN, today at 763-416-0606 for more information or to schedule your appointment.