Month: March 2019

4 Things Invisible Aligners Do that Braces Don’t

Everyone wants a straight, symmetrical smile, but many people don’t seriously consider cosmetic treatment to make this happen. That’s because when people think of straightening their teeth, they think of braces. Traditional braces come with a lot of overhead for the user, and it may seem like it’s just not worth the hassle. Invisible aligners… Read more »

Snoring Could Signal a Larger Health Concern

Snoring is an annoying problem for many people around the world. Snoring can be disruptive for partners and roommates, and it can also be a sign that the snorer is not getting the quality sleep they need to feel well-rested. However, snoring can also signal a larger overall health concern. Your snoring may be part… Read more »

Clean Your Gums Like You Clean Your Teeth

If you’re a diligent tooth brusher, it’s probably because you value your oral health. You want to keep your teeth clean to prevent cavities and other bacteria-related oral health conditions. That’s a great attitude to have! However, you should consider whether or not you’re giving your gums the same level of care. You need to… Read more »

Dental Lasers Can Do Almost Anything

If you’ve never heard it before, the phrase “dental lasers” probably catches your attention. Did you know that laser technology was being used by dentists across the country? Dental lasers may sound like a sci-fi instrument, but they actually serve an incredibly practical purpose. Dental lasers can be used to assist in so many different… Read more »

Want to Protect Your Smile? Visit the Dentist

This may sound a little oversimplified, but in essence, it’s the truth. If you want to preserve your teeth and keep your smile looking beautiful, the best thing you can do is regularly visit your dentist. Your dentist provides you with thorough cleanings and examinations that reduce your risk for common oral health problems. When… Read more »