4 Things Invisible Aligners Do that Braces Don’t

Everyone wants a straight, symmetrical smile, but many people don’t seriously consider cosmetic treatment to make this happen. That’s because when people think of straightening their teeth, they think of braces. Traditional braces come with a lot of overhead for the user, and it may seem like it’s just not worth the hassle. Invisible aligners offer a similar straightening effect, and they do so without much of the hassle that accompanies braces. Here are 4 things that invisible aligners will do, that braces won’t.

1. Invisible Aligners Make It Easier to Clean Your Teeth and the Aligners

One of the most frustrating parts about wearing braces is that braces can actually make your teeth more difficult to clean. The wires and brackets obstruct your ability to reach certain surfaces of your teeth. You don’t want your teeth to become damaged while you’re trying to straighten them. Because invisible aligners can easily be removed, you can still thoroughly clean your teeth and the aligner itself while undergoing treatment.

2. Aligners Allow You to Eat More of the Foods that You Enjoy

Another hang up that comes with braces is the dietary restrictions. There are many foods that you can’t enjoy for fear that they’ll damage or stick to the brackets and wires in your mouth. This can be especially frustrating since the treatment timetable for braces is typically pretty long. Aligners, because they can be removed, don’t come with the same concerns.

3. Braces Increase Your Risk for Tooth Discoloration

The brackets used in braces are often bonded to your teeth, which means that they can cause discoloration after the fact. When some portions of your teeth are covered, it can cause your teeth to pick up pigment at different rates. The rigid brackets also run the risk of damaging your teeth in some cases. Invisible aligners are plastic, and don’t have to be bonded to your teeth.

4. Aligners Require Less Maintenance During Treatment than Braces

Additional visits to the orthodontist during treatment add to the hassle that comes with braces. You have to visit your specialist to receive constant updates and tweaks to your braces, while switching aligners can be done at home. This drastically reduces the stress associated with the treatment.

Explore Invisible Aligner Options Today

Invisible aligners won’t necessarily be the right treatment for every patient. Some cases of misalignment require the added strength of braces. However, invisible aligners work for many people who want straighter teeth using a discreet treatment method. Learn about invisible aligner options and whether or not the treatment is right for you at Elm Creek Dental. Schedule a consultation for invisible aligners by contacting Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN at 763-416-0606.