Month: August 2020

It Hurts To Move My Jaw – How Worried Should I Be?

If something as routine as biting and chewing starts to become painful, or if you avoid speaking because you are bothered by jaw stiffness, you should worry about the potential impact TMJ disorder is having on you. This condition can have several different causes. Poor bite alignment, an injury to your jaw, trouble with your… Read more »

What Steps Should You Take To Keep Your Kids Cavity-Free?

Until around the ages of six or seven, parents have to brush and floss for their kids. While children can take these responsibilities on for themselves at an early age, you can continue to worry about the condition of their smile. Our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office is prepared to help you keeps your kids… Read more »

Have A Tooth-Colored Filling Placed To Address A Cavity

Even if your Maple Grove, MN dentist catches it not long after it forms, a cavity will cause permanent damage to your tooth structure. It is important to note that the amount of damage that ultimately occurs will depend on how long the cavity has to form. When the problem is identified early enough, your… Read more »

How Checkups Lead To Early Cavity Detection And Treatment

How often should you see your dentist? To stay consistent with routine preventive dental care, you should have an appointment set every six months. There are several benefits to sticking with this habit of attending exams. These visits include professional teeth cleanings that remove harmful tartar deposits, as well as plaque and food debris, from… Read more »