Month: January 2017

Invisalign Treatment: Protect Those Trays!

Do you ever find yourself wondering if your Invisalign trays are immune to damage because they seem to hold up quite well (and they’re over your teeth, which can tear through a lot of materials)? If so, it’s important that you bring your thoughts about this treatment out of the clouds and remind yourself that the trays are,… Read more »

Dental Contouring: The Stuff You Want To Know

As you learn about cosmetic dentistry treatment after treatment, you begin narrowing down those that will help you achieve your goals and those that won’t. When you decide on dental contouring, you discover that the benefits are quite vast. You can choose it to re-shape your teeth, provided you’re looking for a way to gently… Read more »

3 Times You’ll Need A Teeth Whitening Alternative

No doubt, teeth whitening offers exceptional results for patients seeking whiter smiles. However, this cosmetic treatment is not always the best avenue toward improvement. Under certain circumstances, patients will find that traditional whitening is either insufficient or simply not helpful at all. No need to worry, however! We offer comprehensive cosmetic care to ensure the… Read more »

Flossing Q&A: Is It Supposed To Feel Bad?

We always tell you when you visit us that you should be flossing your teeth every single day. While you may have committed this detail to memory, you may not know what to do when you experience painful flossing. Should you continue on, hoping everything is okay? Is this just a normal part of the… Read more »