Invisalign Treatment: Protect Those Trays!

womancoveringmouthblondelobDo you ever find yourself wondering if your Invisalign trays are immune to damage because they seem to hold up quite well (and they’re over your teeth, which can tear through a lot of materials)? If so, it’s important that you bring your thoughts about this treatment out of the clouds and remind yourself that the trays are, in fact, vulnerable to damage. Fortunately, if you know what to avoid, you will be able to keep them nice and safe (and your treatment effective) without a worry in sight.

Always Take Them Out To Eat

If you don’t take your Invisalign treatment trays out to eat, you’re making a big mistake! Whether it’s a meal or a quick snack, attempting to break down food with trays in your mouth can easily lead to tearing and discoloration. It’s also dangerous for your smile (trapped food can encourage decay).

Don’t Let Hot Water Touch Them

Hot water is never good for your Invisalign trays. Whether you’re drinking something very hot or rinsing them, make sure the liquids that come into contact with them are lukewarm or cooler to avoid warping.

Keep Them Safe (But Not In Your Pocket)

Yep, it’s true that if you put your Invisalign treatment trays into your pocket that you will keep them safe from accidentally being thrown into the garbage. However, this isn’t the ideal environment for the trays themselves. Instead, this is a place full of lint, where your trays may become physically damaged. Avoid thinking this is an easy option. If you don’t use a proper case, you may end up needing a replacement which is much more inconvenient than storing them correctly and toting them around.