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Conservative Remedies For Smile Flaws

The flaws that hurt your smile can stand out even if they are caused by relatively minor issues. For example, a small chip or crack in a front tooth can interferer with the symmetry of your smile and make you feel doubtful about your overall appearance. You could also have problems with a tooth that… Read more »

What You May Not Know About Veneers

Talking to your Maple Grove, MN dentist about cosmetic dentistry can provide helpful information about both your options for treatment and the results that you can see. For people who want to take on several issues at one time, and for those who want to enjoy long-term improvements, porcelain veneers can certainly help. Our practice… Read more »

Using Your Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

If you want to avoid new enamel stains, you should take care to adjust your diet and stay consistent with your smile care routine. Doing this can help you keep problems from worsening, but you can still have concerns about the present state of your enamel color. This is where your Maple Grove, MN dentist… Read more »

Cosmetic Bonding Work And Your Smile

When a person has confidence in their smile, they can use it to light up a room, make strong first impressions, and generally feel more comfortable with their overall appearance. Unfortunately, it only takes one “minor” issue to take away that confidence. What should you do if you have doubts about your appearance because of… Read more »

Correcting Smile Problems With Veneers

Your smile should be something you are proud to show off. Our teeth tend to be a prominent feature; while this can help a dazzling smile stand out, it means that flaws can draw an uncomfortable amount of attention. Fortunately, the right cosmetic procedure can help you. At our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office, patients… Read more »

Effective Solutions For Dull, Discolored Teeth

It may affect many people, but that does not mean it is easy to adjust to life with a dull, discolored smile. As your teeth become less bright, you can take on an appearance that makes you look both older and less healthy, which can generally hurt the way that others perceive you. The good… Read more »

Do I Have Time For Bonding Treatment?

By making meaningful cosmetic changes to your teeth, you can enjoy a welcome surge in confidence. After all, a person’s smile can be their most prominent feature, and something that people closely associate with them. Unfortunately, this means that even relatively small problems with the way they look can draw undesired notice. At our Maple… Read more »

See Striking Smile Improvements With Veneers

When you feel motivated to take on your smile’s shortcomings, you can find that cosmetic dentistry makes changing your appearance easier than you anticipated. Even if you have several goals for treatment, you can find that a single procedure is enough to help you reach them. Our Maple Grove, MN dentist is here to help… Read more »

Effectively Fighting Teeth Stains At Home

Is there a way to see exciting cosmetic smile improvements without a treatment that takes place at the dentist’s office? For people who have concerns about dental discoloration, our Maple Grove, MN dental practice can provide welcome improvements with a take-home whitening kit. This gives you control over your treatment, as you can apply potent… Read more »

3 Benefits To Bonding And Contouring Work

There are different goals people bring with them to an appointment to discuss cosmetic dentistry. What can surprise you is that one procedure can target multiple issues, and that you can actually see impressive changes in as little as one appointment! Our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office provides access to multiple cosmetic services. One treatment… Read more »