Month: March 2022

Keeping Up With Regular Dental Cleanings

When you are not practicing the right oral health habits, you are more likely to experience problems that impact your appearance and well-being. You may be surprised at just how much harm a dental problem can do—complications from gum disease can lead to tooth loss and health issues, while a cavity can lead to an… Read more »

Using Your Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

If you want to avoid new enamel stains, you should take care to adjust your diet and stay consistent with your smile care routine. Doing this can help you keep problems from worsening, but you can still have concerns about the present state of your enamel color. This is where your Maple Grove, MN dentist… Read more »

How A Filling Matches Tooth Enamel

Cavity treatment provides two important services, as it both stops spreading decay and addresses the permanent damage to your tooth structure. At our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office, we can make sure that your treatment keeps your tooth safe without altering its appearance. This is possible because we can provide both dental fillings and dental… Read more »

Cosmetic Bonding Work And Your Smile

When a person has confidence in their smile, they can use it to light up a room, make strong first impressions, and generally feel more comfortable with their overall appearance. Unfortunately, it only takes one “minor” issue to take away that confidence. What should you do if you have doubts about your appearance because of… Read more »

Treatment With The Right Dental Crown

There are times when dental work will take more than the placement of a filling. To properly protect your tooth, it can be necessary for your Maple Grove, MN dentist to place a custom dental crown. What makes these approaches to care different is that while a filling covers the site of enamel decay, a… Read more »