Month: December 2020

Learn What Options Are Available If You Want Whiter Teeth

Smiling with confidence can be difficult for someone embarrassed by teeth stains. The frustrating truth is that stains can build up over time even when you do a good job protecting yourself against the formation of cavities. With so many popular foods and drinks capable of causing discoloration, avoiding this issue can be difficult, and… Read more »

Where Root Canal Therapy Fits Into Cavity Treatment

Do you need root canal therapy for your cavity? In some cases, it is necessary to schedule this procedure for dental decay. However, in other circumstances it will not be needed. The condition of your tooth will determine what our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office recommends. Root canals are performed on teeth that have internal… Read more »

Counting On A Dental Crown To Restore Your Bite Function

If a tooth is injured, or if sensitivity issues make eating and drinking uncomfortable, it may be due to an oral health issue that requires restorative dental work. Injuries and dental decay can both lead to problems that negatively impact your well-being in ways that can require treatment. After addressing damage or decay, your Maple… Read more »

When Should I Schedule My Next Routine Dental Exam?

How long is a person really supposed to go between dental exams? Under normal circumstances, you should go in for a dental checkup every six months. When you commit to this interval, you can ensure that your smile is regularly being checked for signs of dental decay, and that you are receiving thorough teeth cleanings… Read more »

3 Exciting Changes Porcelain Veneers Can Make To Your Smile

A minor problem can be enough to significantly disrupt your smile and rob you of confidence. Dental injuries, concerns around discoloration, and naturally occurring issues with tooth size and shape can all affect someone’s comfort with their appearance. While the reasons people seek cosmetic dentistry can vary, one treatment option can prove effective under many… Read more »