Month: January 2016

Who And What Does Sleep Apnea Hurt?

Are you under the impression that seeking sleep apnea treatment is something that will improve your life – but it doesn’t have much to do with anyone or anything else? This is a common tale. Patients often fail to realize that the effects of sleep apnea tend to radiate out quite far, affecting other individuals… Read more »

3 Important Flossing Tips

Is there something about flossing your teeth that you really don’t like – but you know it’s an essential aspect of your dental hygiene session? Do you think you might be able to do a better job with your dental floss but you really aren’t sure how to improve what you have been doing for… Read more »

3 Ways You’re Sabotaging Invisalign Treatment

Are you currently wearing Invisalign trays as your orthodontic treatment of choice to align your smile? If so, do you wonder if you’re doing a good job? Do you think you might be undermining the success of treatment by making mistakes here and there? It’s easy to overlook a few mishaps that can result in… Read more »

Check In On Your Brushing

Do you assume that you are doing a wonderful job with your daily brushing? Have you suddenly wondered whether you’re doing everything right or if there is some part of your dental hygiene that you might improve? The good news is that checking in on your brushing is quite simple. Look over some guidelines to… Read more »